I’ll admit I found the past week plenty confusing. I read somewhere that Chief Justice Roberts had one of the those epileptic seizures, fried his brain and ended up voting with the liberal block rather than the conservative block on the Supreme Court over ObamaCare.  Or was it the other way around? But so what? As it turned out the only way you will ever have to pay a “tax penalty” for not having health insurance is if you pay in so much money you are owed a tax refund. That’s something you should never, never do.  Nothing wrong with claiming a dozen dependents only for the purpose of avoiding withholding as long as you do not actually owe the money.  Or at least I read that somewhere. So there is really not a lot going on here. Personally, like I said, I am getting more than a little confused.   I do have health insurance, a high deductible plan.  About the only thing I do is buy about $130 worth of prescription drugs a month and a tiny bit for a yearly physical. I mean a really tiny bit. My insurance company tapped my Health Savings Acccount $4.80  for my annual physical.   It had negotiated the rest of the $471.70 charge entirely away. Insurance companies do that.  I think my insurance company wants to give me an incentive for getting that annual physical. I have great doctor.  When I first re-located to the Denver area, I had an old guy doctor who seemed right for me.  But, after about three years, I  realized he answered few questions, and outright declined to do certain things like immunizations because he said he did not receive sufficient reimbursement from my insurance. That was an unacceptable answer and I went looking a new doctor.  A friend gave me some advice: the younger, the better.  I ended up with a young internist who I’ve been very satisfied with. I have no plan to change, and I have not seen anything from this ObamaCare thing that causes me think any change will be force upon me.   Am I missing anything?   I’ve always had health insurance, home owner’s insurance, and automobile insurance. Doesn’t everybody?  Oh, that is the problem isn’t it? Paying taxes and insurance has probably always been first tier expenses with me.  I wish the federal government would reward that behavior. The tax penalty for not getting insurance sounds like a reverse incentive to me, but it should help. But that would be something. So, I remain confused.  I really don’t understand what all the ObamaCare fuss is about.  I realize not everyone can be responsible for his or her own insurance payments, but I do wish ill people could seek medical treatment without thinking twice about it. Many foodborne illnesses come with the common vomiting and diarrheal symptoms that  people often try and tough it out with.   We’d all be better off if they went in for laboratory testing and proper treatment. We’d all be better off if more people who are victims of foodborne illnesses were covered by health insurance. People that are not covered are most likely not covered because they are not employed or at least under ObamaCare not by an employer with less than 50 employees. An individual who goes insurance “bare” can avoid paying the “tax penalty” by not having too much withheld from their paycheck.   I admit I do not understand what happens to a business that’s goes “bare, other than they too might pay an penalty that is less than paying for their employees’ insurance costs. All of these folks are supposed to be covered by these state groups, most of which are not set up for it. But I am certain it can still be managed and it is not the end of the world.  If Obama is smart, he will use this juncture of his victor to “stop, look and listen” to see where this is all at. I do believe that small business employment is held up because of the uncertainly around health care, and that’s not helping Obama. If that’s the case, Supreme Court decision or not, next year we may end up implementing something called RomneyCare.