The California Department of Health is warning consumers not to eat certain soups sold at  southern California farmers markets because they may have been produced in a way that makes them susceptible to Clostridium botulinum. CDPH said Monday that canned soups manufactured by Malibu-based One Gun Ranch and Santa Barbara-based Organic Soup Kitchen had the potential to be contaminated with the bacteria, which produces harmful toxins that can be dangerous to human health. The soups from One Gun Ranch (left) that are subject to the warning include: Campfire Kitchen Cauliflower Soup, Heirloom Tomato Fennel Gaspacho Soup, Sequoia’s Skinny Spiced Coconut, Parsnip, and Tumeric Soup, Oassian’s Pumpkin Stew and Freddy’s Firegrilled Meatballs. The soups were sold only at the Pacific Palisades Farmers Market located at Swarthmore Avenue and Sunset Blvd. in Pacific Palisades, CA on May 13, 2012 and June 3, 2012. They were sold in 16 oz. glass jars with screw-on metal lids. The soups from Organic Soup Kitchen (below) were sold at two farmers markets: the Calabasas Farmers Market, located at Calabasas Road and El Canon Avenue in Calabasas, CA 91302 (Saturdays) and the Studio City Farmers Market, located at Ventura Place between Laurel Canyon Boulevard and Radford Avenue, Studio City, CA 91604 (Sundays). The soups were sold between June 6,2011 and May 6, 2012 in one-quart jars with screw-on metal lids. The affected soups include the following flavors: Fire Roasted Yam, Curried Potato Leek, Curry Lentil Bisque, Tomato Bean and Wild Herb and Mediterranean Chipotle Chili. Consumers who purchased any of the soups described above are urged to throw them out immediately and then thoroughly wash their hands with soap and water. As of Monday, no illnesses had been linked to these soups, CDPH reported. The Health Department says it is working with both companies to make sure all the products in question are all removed from sale. Botulism is a serious paralytic illness that occurs when toxins released by Clostridium botulinum bacteria attack the nervous system. Early symptoms include double or blurred vision, drooping eyelids and a dry, sore throat. Other symptoms may include slurred speech, difficulty swallowing, inability of the neck muscles to support the head and paralysis of the extremities or respiratory muscles. Infants with botulism appear lethargic, experience constipation, have a weak cry and have poor muscle tone. If you or your child experiences any of these symptoms contact your healthcare provider.

  • Ted

    Ordinarily I appreciate food safety recall information but in this case I think foodies SHOULD eat the soup. When they wash it down with the organic koolaid that will make everything perfectly safe and wonderful, as it always does ;>)

  • Cap’n Morgan

    What’s up with all this “One Gun” stuff? What’s with the “Ammo” labels? Are these for survivalists to stock their bunkers? Maybe these are biologic weaponry to be used against The Man? Might work great if the price doesn’t chase people off. Well, price and appearance. This stuff looks like leftovers scraped into a reused mayonnaise jar.

  • Amorette

    Back in the days of home canning, before pressure cookers were common, whole families used to be killed by botulism. Just as pasteurization, modern cooking techniques were developed to prevent people from DYING.

    • Donna Buono

      Bla bla bla troll. This is a bureaucrat issue not a health issue. God. Worst case the worthless bureaucrats should have issued a cease order. Absolute fraud.

  • David PICHOSS

    This was just an issue about State Department Health permits and Local Health Department Health permits. Shame on them for trying to SHUT down small businesses yet again. The soups are fine! They fucked up on the local level by not even knowing that “canned” goods have to be approved by the state. The state now says that the permits were issues illegally…..however this “illegal” permit was given to these nice companies who thought they were doing everything right by the freaking HEALTH DEPARTMENT. Sounds like someone is trying to cover their ass before a lawsuit hits them hard. SUPPORT YOUR LOCAL FARMER’S MARKET VEDORS. I so sick of the this kind of bureaucracy. Now I’m going eat my soup….NOT TACO BELL.

  • Gertrude “Trudy”

    Did anyone–other than myself–notice the one-liner saying that NO ILLNESSES HAD BEEN REPORTED?? Normal SOP is to investigate AFTER illnesses had been reported–which they usually are by hospital ERs. But here, they are going after these guys BEFORE any need has arisen–and despite having permits. This is a just a hatchet job. Do yourself a favor–buy your own legislators BEFORE trying to buck the tide. That’s what everyone else does!

  • Mae Larjs

    Gertrude, public health departments have a responsibility to alert consumers and get dangerous products off the market BEFORE there is an outbreak. Do you have any idea what botulism poisoning is like? PEOPLE DIE from it. Very easily. Botulism is a nerve poison that paralyzes muscles, including your heart and lungs. If those cans of soup had loose tops, a broken seal, or leaking soup, they ARE a risk for botulism and CADPH was absolutely correct to warn the public.
    And the “normal SOP” is no longer to “investigate after illnesses are reported.” Food safety and public health professionals are trying to get ahead of the curve and be PROACTIVE on food safety, since so many Americans DIE of food poisoning every year. Good god.

  • David PICHOSS

    Mae…I understand that they are trying to alert consumers about botulism….however my question is this: HOW IN THE WORLD DID THESE SMALL COMPANIES GET PERMITS TO SELL “CANNED” GOODS WITHOUT THE STATE DEPARTMENT QUALIFICATIONS?????? The answer?….The LOCAL HEALTH DEPARTMENTS SCREWED UP. These are not “illegal” permits these businesses have. They were 100% legal. I check them ALL the time. So they allowed these businesses to operate their businesses for over a year (with NO REPORTS OF ANYTHING) and then the State decides it wants to make a little money and send out a recall so that these businesses have to pay God knows how much to have their products produced in some factory. If I were the small businesses I would sue. I would sue BIG TIME. It’s not right.

  • Ann Eysenring

    David is 100% RIGHT ON!

  • Ted

    Deny, deny, deny. Claim a conspiracy. Blame, blame, blame. Divert and dazzle with preposterous lame excuses. That’s the small farm-local-farmers market profiteer’s food safety plan in its entirety.

  • John

    For the State health department to make such a claim when it never testest the soup, never visited the kitchen, when nobody complained, and no evidence of botulism was found anywhere is bewildering. In fact, all the state health department did, it appears, is issue a press release.

  • james

    John, you couldn’t have put it better. The press release was written by the Health Department and the vendors had to use the language and send it to the wire service. In a nutshell, because they screwed up and didn’t require the vendors to get the proper paperwork, they are covering their asses and putting the blame on the small businessman. This article came out yesterday, worth the read and spells it out:

  • John

    Why didn’t the Health inspector take away any jars of soup for testing on the day the vendors were inspected? It’s really weird, to me, that no tests were conducted on the soups. But it appears even more odd, to me, that no jars of soup were even confiscated. Why food safety issues are paramount, this does appear to be about a license fee. The press statement is so devoid of any information, it’s meaningless.

  • PatrickLA

    Nothing has been found! In fact, no testing of the soups either! Health Dept OVER-REACTS again! I can assure you, I have never been affected by anything I have ever bought at these Farmers markets. I would worry MORE about what this says regarding how BIG CORPORATIONS are trying to do to discredit the local farmers and remove our freedoms as consumers to purchase local organic produce and products as opposed to shopping at grocery stores where they sell massed-produced genetically-altered produce from Monsanto seeds!