Those convicted of a food safety-related crime in Beijing will soon be barred from investing in or running a food business, according to new proposal.

chinafather-iphone.jpgBloomberg News reported that the draft rules would “regulate the use of edible additives in the catering industry, and crack down on the illegal use of inedible substances and mislabeling of production and sell-by dates.”

Under China’s new food safety regulations, which took effect in 2007, businesses that violate food safety laws have their licenses revoked for three years; the Beijing rule would extend that ban to five years. Individuals convicted of crimes would be banned from the food industry for life.

“”Those who have been convicted of food safety crimes shall never again be engaged in the industry,” reads the draft rule, according to China Daily

The city government  is seeking public comment until April 25.

According to Bloomberg, the State Food and Drug Administration is set to focus on non-edible additives this year.

The decision is part of a nationwide campaign in China to crack down on food safety violations after a slew of high profile scandals, including melamine-tainted dairy, pesticide contamination, pork additives, lead candy and gutter oil have rocked consumer confidence.