The number of confirmed Campylobacter illnesses linked to raw milk from Your Family Cow dairy in Chambersburg, PA has risen to 60, according to the latest report Friday from the Pennsylvania Department of Health.

Since Food Safety News last reported on Tuesday that the dairy had resumed production after passing a state health inspection, an additional 17 people have been confirmed ill from Campylobacter jejuni infection. The latest breakdown of illnesses by state is as follows:

Pennsylvania (51 illnesses), Maryland (4), West Virginia (3), New Jersey (2).

According to a Pennsylvania Department of Agriculture spokesperson, the dairy passed its health inspection on Monday after its unpasteurized milk tested negative for pathogens over a 24-hour period.

In its February 3 update on the outbreak, the Pennsylvania health department said that approximately half of 36 confirmed cases were individuals under the age of 18.

The health department plans to continue updating the number of ill as cases surface.