The number of confirmed Campylobacter illnesses linked to raw milk from Your Family Cow dairy in Chambersburg, PA has risen to 60, according to the latest report Friday from the Pennsylvania Department of Health.

Since Food Safety News last reported on Tuesday that the dairy had resumed production after passing a state health inspection, an additional 17 people have been confirmed ill from Campylobacter jejuni infection. The latest breakdown of illnesses by state is as follows:

Pennsylvania (51 illnesses), Maryland (4), West Virginia (3), New Jersey (2).

According to a Pennsylvania Department of Agriculture spokesperson, the dairy passed its health inspection on Monday after its unpasteurized milk tested negative for pathogens over a 24-hour period.

In its February 3 update on the outbreak, the Pennsylvania health department said that approximately half of 36 confirmed cases were individuals under the age of 18.

The health department plans to continue updating the number of ill as cases surface.

  • Jackie Schmidts

    And they let the farm continue to spew out this raw stuff after proving the place wasn’t up to a quality standard that allowed the product to be packaged then discovered it containted a dangerous pathogen that made people sick! And the numbers continue to rise. Why do we continue to allow the sale of raw milk???

  • JDG

    “Why do we continue to allow the sale of raw milk???”
    People are free to make their own personal consumption choices……even if it’s something really stupid like drinking raw milk.

  • km

    Is it also “stupid” to continue to eat spinach, green onion, cantaloupe, hamburger, and any other food that has, at a time, in a particular place, caused illness? Funny how raw milk is ALL “bad” when many other foods also have isolated incidents when illness results.
    “It’s estimated from CDC data that you’d have to drink more than 3 million glasses of raw milk before you might expect to contract an illness of any kind from it, and according to data on the incidence of illness caused by raw milk, you’re more than 25 times as likely to get sick from other foods. Raw milk causes about 60 cases of illness per year, which may very well be exaggerated, and is only 0.01% of the estimated 500,000 raw milk drinkers in America. In contrast, the rate of illness from other foods is 25%, or 76 million cases in a population of about 300 million.”
    Read more at above quoted site to get a better underdstanding of our milk supply and the need for pasteurization.
    A larger issue is ensuring FREEDOM of choice and having the right to make individual decisions about what you will, and will not, consume.
    Me? I prefer to know my farmer and see where my milk is coming from.

  • Cam

    Yes, thats right. you do have the freedom to do what ever you desire, but not at the dispense on the health of others who are in the “know” of the reality’s of the dangers of raw milk. Now here I go…. The Feds need to have a “LAW” nation wide that allows individuals to purchase raw milk within their state if they so choose. However, there also needs to be a clause that those individuals who make poor choises like drinking raw milk, etc, need to sign something at the point of purchase so when “THEY” get ill or a family member(or hopefully die), they and their families CAN NOT under any circumstance sue for any damages regardless, all due to their own ignorance and stupidity from their own actions of such dangers from drinking raw milk. This is not hard to do…..make “these people” responsible, and pay for their own dumb-ass mistakes. Excuse me, their own “well meaningfull and intended knowledge”…….all due to the “freedom thing”.

  • J Pat

    KM – stats can be skewed in any manner to show anything. The truth is of the 76 million food borne illnesses – most are caused by cross-contamination in the consumer’s own kitchen or in a restaurant setting. When we look at illnesses caused by a specifically contaminated food, we see raw milk the vehicle in outbreaks time and time again. In 2011 alone, the following occurred linked to raw milk: Nov 2011 E. coli outbreak in Washington and an E. coli outbreak in California. Oct 2011 Camphylobacter outbreak in NY; July 2011 Camphylobacter outbreak in South Carolina; June 2011 Q Fever outbreak in Michigan; April 2011 Camphylobacter outbreak in Texas. 2 recalls of raw milk occurred in Washington State from different dairys no illnesses reported but – Nov 2011 testing found STEC in a sample of raw milk and Feb 2011 – testing found E. coli 0157 in a sample.
    Half the illnesses reported in PA in the current outbreak were in children under 18. How many of them actually had a choice? Many probably were only provided with raw milk and did not have age or knowledge to refuse. Our Federal legislative should just grow some and enact the Public Health Service Act, which would require treatment of all milk sold wholesale whether sold interstate or not (like 100% Juice). Individual states can make the decision regarding retail sales on farms (cannot be regulated by Federal law). There is nothing special about raw milk worth anyone, especially children, becoming seriously ill.

  • aed939

    Cam, raw milk drinkers should not have to sign something unless you make cantaloupe-eaters sign it too. There should not be double standards. In my opinion, I think that standard disclaimer about “…eating raw meats, seafood, etc. may increase you chance of foodborne illness…” extend to dairy (and raw fruits and vegetables, too).

  • Darcy

    Raw milk has many benefit!! Researchers are connecting many diseases to the change in protien sequences found in pasterized milk.
    We are evolved to drink raw milk.
    if you want pasterized milk you can buy it. but it is not as easy to buy raw. Please keep in mind the terrible sanitation when pasterization was instituted. Sanitation and knowledge is so much better. Also big commercial producers of milk , honey, eggs always want more regulation to squeeze out the small producers. If i want raw milk i should be able to purchase it.

  • We’re not “evolved” to drink raw milk. We’re certainly not “evolved” to deal with foodborne illness.
    As for milk being compared to other foods, another story at this site discusses a hot water bath to reduce the risk from eating cantaloupe. Sounds great, but are we now going to have to deal with people fighting for “raw” cantaloupe, too?
    Or are we going to accept modern techniques to make our food safer?

  • Carl L

    Modern techniques to make food safer are a result of the centralization of our food supply. These were not needed when we got our food from local farmers. Some here point out all of the purported outbreaks due to raw milk. Many of those stories were not held up when the milk samples were tested. More importantly a few years back several people died from drinking pasteurized milk in California. Every year we have recalls of various foods that cause THOUSANDS to get sick and the cantaloupe that keeps getting mentioned has just recently taken another life. Raw milk is not the problem nor is food safety. The only way to fix this problem is decentralization of food supplies. Locally sourced food. And as for evolving the person is correct. We did evolve drinking raw unpasteurized milk for thousands of years. Milk is the only thing in nature created to be a food. It is a perfect food. Pasteurization destroys it. Pasteurization was needed due to the distilleries getting into the milk business at the turn of the century. Distilleries became tired of throwing away their mash after production son they decides they bottle booze why not bottle milk. They fed the cows the unnatural diet of corn mash. The cows developed mastitis and the milk killed close to 1100 people. Raw milk prior to that event had never done this. Instead of forcing the distilleries out of business politicians have the financially powerful distilleries a chance to fix the problem with pasteurization. This yet again shows the problems of centralized food production. I have been drinking raw milk for over a decade and motmoncenhave I had even an upset stomach from it. I recently ate at a friends house who bought fish from Costco and we all got sick from it. And we already have food safety measures but the agencies providing oversight look the other way for their clients. Just look at the American Peanut Comapny disaster. They had only telephone inspection for over a decade. Look most recently at the orange juice that came here from south America. Ladened wih an illegal fungicide yet the FDA is allowing the company to continue to sell it to the America people ao as to not lose millions of dollars. So our livers will absorb it instead. Those who continue to look toniur government to protect us….. Well I’m sorry to have to say it… You’re all fools.