Taylor Farms Retail Inc. has recalled 3,265 cases of various salad blends that may be contaminated with Salmonella. 

The recall follows a random test conducted on a finished package of spinach by the Washington State Department of Agriculture.

There have been no reports of illnesses.

The salads were distributed in Arizona, California, Colorado, Florida, Kentucky, Missouri, New Mexico, New York, North Carolina, Oregon, South Carolina, Texas, Virginia, Washington and Puerto Rico and sold in various retail supermarkets.

Here are the recalled bagged salads by brand name, item description, UPC code number, date and best-by date:


— Fresh Selections, Hearts of Romaine, 10 oz. bag, 0-11110-91044-8 TFRS277B07OOKR5L, Best By 10-18-11

— Fresh Selections, Leafy Romaine, 10 oz. bag, 0-11110-91046-2 TFRS277B07OOKR5H, Best By 10-18-11

— Fresh Selections, Field of Greens, 10 oz. bag, 0-11110-91042-4 TFRS277B07OOKR5F, Best By 10-18-11

— Fresh Selections, Romaine Blend, 10 oz. bag, 0-11110-91038-7 TFRS277B07OOKR5N, Best By 10-18-11

— HEB Spring Mix, 5 oz. bag, 0-41220-19752-1 TFRS277B07, Best By 10-20-11

— Marketside, Fresh Spinach, 10oz bag, 6-81131-32946-0 TFRS277A07, Guaranteed Delicious By 10-21-11

— Marketside, Caesar Salad Kit, 14.6 oz. bag, 6-81131-38744-6, TFRS277B07, Guaranteed Delicious By 10-19-11

— Marketside, Asian Salad Ki,t 15 oz. bag, 6-81131-53211-2, TFRS277B07, Guaranteed Delicious By 10-19-11

— Marketside, Southwest Salad Kit, 15oz bag, 6-81131-38747-7, TFRS277B07 Guaranteed Delicious By 10-19-11

— Marketside, Premium Romaine 9 oz. bag, 6-81131-38753-8, TFRS277B07 Guaranteed Delicious By 10-19-11

— Marketside, Premium Romaine Family, 18 oz. bag,  6-81131-38807-8, TFRS277B07 Guaranteed Delicious By 10-19-11

— Taylor Farms, Field Greens 8 oz. bag, 0-30223-04036-1, TFRS277B07 Best If Used By 10-20-11

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Customers who purchased these salads are urged not to consume them. Contact Taylor Farms Retail, Inc. for further information at 1-877-323-7374.