Violations of Canada’s fish, meat, and health of animals regulations brought in $74,000 in court-imposed fines during August.

The Canadian Food Inspection Agency (CFIA), which is responsible for enforcement of the Fish Inspection Act, the Animal Feeds Act and its regulations, the Meat Inspection Act, and the Health of Animals Act, tracks and reports on court actions involving its cases.

The August violators included:

Compagnie national d’imporation de harengs Itee, based in Anjou, Quebec paid a $3,000 fine after pleading guilty to one count of exporting fish to another province without having the processing and storage at a federally registered establishment.

An $8,000 fine for two counts of violating the Feeds Act was imposed on Nutreco Canada Inc. for selling mineral blocks that were not registered or labelled.

A $25,000 fine was imposed on 4077571 Canada Inc., which does business as Kristom Canada, after it plead guilty to five counts of the Meat Inspection Act for exporting meat to Hong Kong instead of Jamaica, as was infected on its export documents.

Three of the five counts were for making misleading statements to CFIA officials.

The two others were for the actual export incidents.

Eskimo Express also pleaded guilty to two counts of the Meat Inspections regulations for accepting meat products from an unregistered establishment without having them inspected.   The Montreal court fined Eskimo Express $3,000.

Transport Eugene Nadeau Inc. paid fines totaling $35,000 after pleading guilty to seven counts of violating Health of Animals regulations.  Five counts related to incidents where the transportation of animals resulted in “undue suffering.”

In the other two instances, it loaded pigs in a way that caused the animals injury and another involved moving dairy cows.

A driver employed by the company also plead guilty to one court of violating the Health of Animals Act. He was accused of obstructing inspectors. No separate fine was reported for him.

All the August cases went through courts in Montreal and all the defendants were based in Quebec.