Almost 70 percent of the Chinese public are not confident about the safety of the country’s food supply, a recent national survey found.

Insight China and Tsinghua Media Survey Lab teamed up to conduct the survey, the results of which were released over the weekend and did not bode well for a government trying to boost consumer and trading partner confidence amidst a slew of high-profile food safety scandals, from melamine-tainted dairy to chemical-laced hot pot soups.

More than half of the survey’s respondents said “government management and surveillance should be further improved to properly protect people from unsafe food,” according to a report by China Daily.

Of the 24 kinds of food on the survey, ranging from produce to seafood to cooking oil, Chinese consumers were most worried about puffed and fried food, according to the survey.

“These products are especially popular with children and I am not sure about their health impacts,” Wang Linhong, mother of a 4-year-old boy in Beijing, told China Daily.

Consumers also indicated that they remain concerned about pickled vegetables, fresh meat and meat products, canned food, instant food and dairy products.   Contaminated meat products, excessive pesticide residue and abuse of food additives topped respondents’ lists of the top threats to food safety. 

  • Jill

    I found these comments elsewhere. Can they be true?
    <<I think the reason why more and more Chinese want imported food is because most Chinese people know that the main fertilizer used in China is human waste. Naturally, the Chinese Communist Party has tried very hard to suppress this information, but foreign governments know full well how food is grown in China. That is why almost anything grown in China is not allowed for import to the US. That is also why the Chinese elite all eat imported food or at least food grown in “special organic gardens”. That’s also the reason why Olympic althletes visiting China did not touch the food there. They brought all their own food. I’m sure some people have wondered “Where does all that human waste go in China?” Well, it goes right back into the food stream. It’s no wonder that so many tourists get ill when they visit China.
    I was reading about acquaculture in China and this is what I found.
    Few people know that most pond fed farmed fish in India is fed on a diet of human waste and sewage. These are the countries that use human faeces to feed fish: India, China, Sri Lanka, Malaysia,Korea, Indonesia,Nigeria
    I have seen how it works. Small plots of dug out land are given on contract to poor people in the villages for fish farming. These aquaculture ponds are stocked with fish, and are used as bathrooms by the owners and their friends, to wash the cattle in, to throw manure into. Every few weeks, the fish are taken out and sold in the local market. The ponds stink and are covered with a green slime. Basically these are toilets that pay for themselves – an economic sulabh shauchalaya
    Raising fish on excreta, nightsoil or wastewater is encouraged by the fishery experts, (bureaucrats who come around once in a while ) as it is “natural food” for fish.It doesn’t matter that human or animal faecal solids, use of raw sewage or fresh nightsoil in fish ponds should be prohibited for health reasons.

  • Doc Mudd

    Jill asks: “Can they be true?”
    Yep, absolutely.
    Here’s National Geographic’s 2008 report. And, sadly, Nat’l G seems to heartily approve of casually compromising the health & safety of food consumers in order to put ready cash in the pockets of ‘small farmers’ (sounds familiar; that same foolhardy priority just played out here in the U.S. with the Tester amendment to our Food Safety Modernization Act, S.510). Oh well, here’s Nat’l G’s bubbly pronouncement;
    “Facing water shortages and escalating fertilizer costs, farmers in developing countries are using raw sewage to irrigate and fertilize nearly 49 million acres (20 million hectares) of cropland, according to a new report — and it may not be a bad thing. While the practice carries serious health risks for many, those dangers are eclipsed by the social and economic gains for poor urban farmers…” Yeah, public welfare ‘eclipsed’ by the almighty sovereign entitlement of ‘poor, poor urban farmers’; sound familiar? So then, just screw food consumers. Damn.
    Oh, oh. Don’t look now, Jill, but this disgusting practice is being quietly encouraged by our own effete western organic farmers (you know, ‘the heroic guys who worship manure’). Here’s an ominous and discouraging link:
    Eeeewwww!! I don’t look forward to eating someone else’s excrement, regardless of relentless scolding by finger-wagging green zealots. Let those flat-earthers eat it, if it’s so damned great.
    I certainly don’t mind having my food affordably grown with modern fertilizers by professional farmers – quite thankful for that, actually.