Our one year anniversary is quickly approaching here at Food Safety News, and despite the fact that we’ve only met in person twice during the last year we’ve held 2 successful virtual picnics–one on Memorial Day and one on the 4th of July.  As summer comes to a close, we’re hosting another virtual picnic. 

This Labor Day we’re pleased to introduce our new managing editor, Mary Rothschild, who is bringing one main course–crab cakes.  We’re thrilled to have Mary join us.

In addition to Mary’s crab cakes, Suzanne is bringing another main course–pork chops. For sides, Michelle is bringing a roasted beet and goat cheese salad and Denis is bringing deviled eggs.  Helena is bringing a fruit crumble for dessert.  Dan is bringing the beverage, or in his words, “The best whiskey on Earth.”

We’re sharing our recipes here, so you can join in our virtual potluck or use them at your next one. 

Have a Safe Labor Day Weekend!

The Food Safety News team.


The Best Whiskey on Earth

Stranahans.gifAmerican holidays are–to steal a quote from President Harry S. Truman–a time to “strike a blow for liberty.”

So on this Labor Day, the best way to accomplish that task is to carefully seek out a fifth of Stranahan’s Colorado Whiskey.

Stranahan’s is a “small-batch” whiskey, meaning you may not find it easily and when you do expect to pay up to $60 a bottle.  And you will be glad you did.

Legal, licensed “small-batch” distilleries like Stranahan’s are rare in America.

The story behind Stranahan’s is said to be a barn fire that brought volunteer firefighter Jess Graber to George Stranahan’s place to try and save the burning structure.

The two men discovered they had a common interest in fine whiskey and as they say the rest is history.  They created what many believe is the finest, smoothest whiskey on this planet or any other.

The most important part of this Labor Day recipe is DO NOT DILUTE!  No mix, no ice, no nothing!

Stranahan’s Colorado Whiskey is too good to mess with.

Enjoy your Labor Day!