The Kroger Co. announced its endorsement of the Rapid Recall Exchange Tuesday. The program, developed by GS1 US in a collaboration with the Food Marketing Institute and Grocery Manufacturers Association, is an online service that standardizes and accelerates food and product recalls and withdrawals.  

The system uses consistent forms and processes, enabling all retailers enrolled in the program to receive the same complete information regarding a recalled product, including product images and handling instructions.  This facilitates information sharing and streamlines the recall process.

bar-code-reader-featured.jpg“Rapid Recall Exchange provides a way for suppliers to quickly send information to retailers about recalled product.  The sooner retailers know about a recall the quicker they can act to remove the product and protect consumers,” said Jill Hollingsworth, group vice president of food safety at the Food Marketing Institute.

Kroger’s vice president of corporate food safety said, “Using Rapid Recall Exchange provides Kroger with timely and accurate recall data.  The need for speed is crucial in recall situations and this will help us be more efficient in removing recalled product from our shelves and communicating with our customers about recalls.”

Kroger and other retailers are asking suppliers to subscribe to Rapid Recall Exchange by July 1 of this year.  Suppliers using Rapid Recall Exchange can provide all critical recall information in one communication.  The system alerts retailers 24 hours a day, seven days a week.  

“The [Rapid Recall Exchange] is designed by the industry and for the industry.  It enables suppliers and retailers to exchange accurate information to speed up the recall process.  Once retailers have that information, they can immediately react to implement their own systems–identifying if they have any of the recalled product, removing it from store shelves, blocking any further sales, and communicating to their customers,” Hollingsworth explained.

Along with Kroger, Hy-Vee, Inc., Harris Teeter, ShopRite and United Sumermarkets have also sent open letters to their suppliers encouraging them to join in recognizing the importance of Rapid Recall Exchange.

“We applaud Kroger for joining other retailers who have requested all of their suppliers to sign up for the [Rapid Recall Exchange].  Having a single communication platform will save both time and money and most of all, ensure a reliable system for improving recall efficiencies,”  Hollingsworth said.

Other company endorsements and letters are available on the Rapid Recall Exchange Website.