A recent survey done by FoodMinds shows that Americans are paying attention to food labels more than ever before.  The survey also found that citizens generally support the government’s efforts to control what is included in their food and what is written on the packages.

The survey found that eighty-six percent of consumers surveyed are interested in the government implementing objective labels on the front of packages noting calories and beneficial nutrients.

FOP Labeling 1.jpgIn addition, the survey found that people feel a general responsibility to make the right food choices on their own but would welcome the government’s help.

“In light of all the recent attention around food labeling and nutrition guidance programs, we wanted to get a sense of what the consumer actually thought,” Grant Prentice, FoodMinds’ director of Strategic Insights told PR NewsWire.  “We heard clearly they believe things need to change – and that it makes sense for the government to lead that charge.”


Survey results showed that of the seventy-seven percent who indicated interest in front-of-package labels designed to warn them of products high in calories and low in nutrients, sixty-four percent said that if their favorite food had a warning label on it, they would either eat less of stop buying the product entirely.


The survey found that fifty eight percent support the government banning advertising of “unhealthy” foods to children and young adults.


Somewhat contradictory results found that sixty-five percent of shoppers reject proposed taxes on soft drinks and foods high in sugar and calories, but low in nutritional value.


Other results found that ninety-three percent of shoppers say the Nutrition Facts panel ranks first in a survey of useful tools.  The Nutrition Facts panel was followed by front-of-the pack information (low fat, high in fiber, etc.) at eighty eight percent.


Good news for sustainability was found in the three quarters of shoppers like seeing where their food comes from (organic, natural, and sustainable farming practices).


According to their website, FoodMinds is a food and nutrition company that harnesses science, public affairs, and communications.  FoodMinds applies knowledge and critical thinking to help its clients tell a better story that makes a difference. 


The original press release from FoodMinds can be found here.