According to Chinese food safety officials, most of the 170 tons of melamine-tainted milk products, which had been repackaged and put back into commerce, have now been removed and destroyed.

“Due to early discovery and timely check, as of now, most of the tainted milk products have been recalled and destroyed, and none has entered the market or been exported,” said the National Food Safety Rectification Office in a statement.

The milk products were found and destroyed as part of the country’s nationwide 10-day crackdown on tainted dairy.

“In the recently reported melamine-tainted milk cases, some of the tainted milk products were apparently made of old batches of tainted milk powder slated for destruction but hoarded away instead by dairy firms and later repackaged,” Chinese official media reported yesterday.

Last week, authorities closed two dairy companies in the northern region of Ningzia, seized 72 tons of the implicated milk powder, and were actively searching for the rest.

In recent weeks, officials have shut down a number of dairies and arrested executives involved in selling tainted products.

In November, the government executed two businessmen for their involvement in the 2008 melamine milk scandal, which killed six infants and sickened over 300,000.

“Some companies and individuals are still ignoring the safety and

health of the mass of the population. Their hearts are full of greed,

and they committed crimes,” said China’s Health Ministry in a statement yesterday.

  • Natalia

    I’m extremely concerned that 1)this tainted milk has already made its way into the US and has been doing so since the first debacle – 2) there has been no mention of any investigation and exposure of any companies, Chinese or US, who sold to US manufacturers. Some US manufacturers may THINK they are buying US products because they buy from US distributors or those in US who claim to be selling only US-produced milk/milk products but who might be selling cheaper stuff from China for sake of higher profits (China doesn’t have the only unscrupulous businessmen in the world!). OF SPECIAL CONCERN TO ME is the presence of tainted Chinese products in pet food, which killed many and sickened many more of America’s family pets. Is anyone investigating these questions in the light of these latest revelations??

  • Ann Quinn

    Of course, China had already destroyed all these products in 2008 during the deadly infant formula contamination, don’t you know?
    Anyone utilizing food and/or pharmaceutical ingredients from
    China would be well advised to do their own independent food
    safety testing. Plus, the Chinese government blacked out media
    coverage on the nature and extent of this contamination in
    January 2010. So who do US manufacturers, processors, importers and consumers trust?