The Food Safety Advisor program run by MetroParks Tacoma, Pierce County Parks and Recreation, and the Washington State University Pierce County Extension office will come to an end on December 31 due to significant budget cuts.  

The program, which focused on training citizens in proper food preservation and safety, provided a food safety hotline for Pierce County residents who had questions about food safety.  

Volunteers trained through the Food Safety Advisor program participated in local demonstrations and events, including fairs and festivals.  The volunteers also handled questions coming in from hotline callers from across the country.  

The 20 active volunteers will continue to answer questions for callers until December 31, when the program will end.  Food safety questions will be answered at 253-798-7180 or 1-800-992-2456, choice 7, Monday through Friday, 9 a.m. to 4 p.m.