Higher fridge temperatures in the homes of older people could be putting them at greater risk of Listeria infection, according to a study.

Researchers looked at the temperatures of domestic refrigerators in the Netherlands and the impact on listeriosis cases related to ready-to-eat (RTE) cooked meat products.

A survey among 1,020

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A project commissioned by the Food Standards Agency (FSA) has revealed multiple examples of risky food safety practices in kitchens.

Having insights into these behaviors and the factors that influence them will inform policy decision-making, guidance, and risk assessment work, said FSA.

Kitchen Life 2 used cameras to see food safety

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Food safety could suffer as part of the problems caused by rising energy prices, according to several European and British industry groups.

Freshfel, the European Fresh Produce Association, warned that product freshness, quality, and safety may be at risk without proper temperature-controlled storage and microbiological contamination will be heightened if cold chains are cut.


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Researchers have tried to find out if inspection findings can be used to predict where foodborne outbreaks may happen.

The study investigated whether routine inspection results were associated with the occurrence of foodborne outbreaks in restaurants and institutional catering. The hypothesis was that poorer inspection results would be associated with
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Researchers at the University of California-Davis have developed a new type of cooling cube with the potential, they say, to transform how cold storage is done.

The benefits of plastic-free, “jelly ice cubes” are that they do not melt, are compostable and antimicrobial, and can help prevent cross-contamination.

It can
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Knowing how harmful, or even deadly, extreme heat can be, the Arizona Corporation Commission last month approved tentative rules that would protect customers who haven’t paid their bills from having their electricity disconnected during periods of extreme heat or cold.

The draft rules, which were approved 3-2, added a temperature
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A catering company in Wales has been fined in relation to five people who became ill from eating mackerel in July 2019.

DM Catering (Pembs) Ltd. was fined £2,550 ($3,300) by Haverfordwest magistrates in late September after pleading guilty to storing foods likely to support the growth of pathogenic microorganisms
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Researchers have detailed the first reported Clostridium perfringens outbreak in England associated with leeks in leftover and reheated cheese sauce.

In December 2018, public health authorities were alerted to 34 reports of diarrhea with abdominal cramps from diners who ate Christmas meals at a restaurant in Bridgnorth, the West Midlands.
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