Denver, we have a problem.

Despite a corporate policy of “zero tolerance” for food safety mistakes, the most infamous burrito chain in the country continues to make its customers sick. Laboratory test results announced this week by public health officials in Delaware County, OH, confirmed what disease detectives had
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Stockholders’ attorneys say Chipotle Mexican Grill and federal officials knew about multiple foodborne illness outbreaks linked to the restaurant chain in 2014-15, but did not inform the public.

Using Freedom of Information Act requests, the attorneys representing the Chipotle stockholders pressed the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention for details
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The summertime fall of Chipotle’s stock, which began a week ago when customers reported a norovirus outbreak, isn’t reflected in the chain’s 2Q financials. But foodborne illnesses past and present were an undercurrent Tuesday during an investors’ conference call with executives.

Founder and CEO Steve Ells alluded to the cause
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Repeating phrases they have been using for the past year, officials with Chipotle Mexican Grill this week announced food safety enhancements and dismal sales numbers.

The news broke Monday that the Denver-based burrito chain would be installing new air purifying equipment and ice machine sanitizers in all of its existing
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