The Food and Drug Administration has warned about particular scallops harvested from prohibited water that may be contaminated.

The scallops were purchased by restaurants, distributors, and food retailers in Illinois, Massachusetts, New Jersey, New York, and Pennsylvania and may have been further distributed. According to the FDA, Intershell International Corp.

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Food safety professionals from 12 African countries met in Kenya for a workshop on seafood safety.

The African regional workshop on bivalve mollusk sanitation was held in Nairobi this past month and included visiting experts from the United Kingdom, Italy and Canada.

The aim was to build programs of capability
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Shellfish in Norway have low concentrations of E. coli and heavy metals, according to the results of a national monitoring program.

The Institute of Marine Research (Havforskingsinstituttet) reported the findings show Norwegian shellfish on the market are largely safe to eat.

Samples from different cities were analyzed throughout 2018 for
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