According to the Scottish food agency’s annual report, a challenging economic climate has led to tough decisions about work priorities.

Food Standards Scotland (FSS) mentioned the knock-on effects of leaving the European Union and a prioritization exercise following a reduced budget. The agency also flagged the “huge amount of already

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Two sampling projects have found issues with meat substitution and undeclared allergens despite an overall high level of compliance.

Findings come from targeted surveillance sampling of products in England, Wales, and Northern Ireland for the Food Standards Agency (FSA).

In 2020, the program focused on commodities and hazards where intelligence

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Changes to sampling requirements at low-throughput slaughterhouses are unlikely to result in a significant shift in the number of Campylobacter cases in the UK, according to a report.

Researchers did not detect a significant difference in the proportion of highly contaminated samples from low- and high-throughput slaughterhouses. High contamination is

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Audited councils in an Australian state are not doing enough to protect public health, according to a report.

The Victorian Auditor General’s Office (VAGO) looked at whether agencies are complying with their legal responsibilities for food safety. This included the Department of Health and councils in Casey, Geelong, Hepburn, Kingston

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Norwegian authorities found problems with the sampling plan of a company linked to a Listeria outbreak in 2022, according to a report.

At an inspection in October, the Norwegian Food Safety Authority (Mattilsynet) discovered the fish producer’s sampling plan was not sufficient, and that environmental samples had not been taken

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Guidance from the Food Standards Agency helped local authorities handle food-related work during the COVID-19 pandemic, according to an assessment.

In June 2021, the Food Standards Agency (FSA) provided local authorities with a plan for running food hygiene and food standards services during the pandemic. It will apply until the end of

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