The conference committee’s amendments on prohibitions and exemptions were accepted before the North Dakota Legislature OK’d farmers selling raw milk directly to consumers.

Those provisions provide that

— A farm may sell raw milk directly to the end consumer for personal consumption.

— A farm may not sell raw milk

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Four states that currently outlaw the retail sales of raw milk and allow only limited access to unpasteurized dairy products are finding it hard to make any progress this legislative season.

Of the four states, only Illinois currently allows for herd share agreements, which means a person has to buy

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Arruda’s Dairy Farms of Tiverton, RI, is recalling eggnog that has sell-by dates well into 2018 because a sample was found to be contaminated with Salmonella.

The recall was announced Monday after routine testing, according to WPRI-TV Channel 12. The owners of Arruda’s Dairy Farms have suspended production of
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Somewhat mixed messages are coming from health and agriculture officials in Pennsylvania in relation to antibiotic-resistant Brucella infections traced to unpasteurized, raw milk.

The Pennsylvania Department of Agriculture sent raw milk producers an alert about “several cases of brucellosis in humans” and suggested they stop vaccinating their cattle for Brucella.
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Additional state and federal investigators have joined New Jersey, issuing public warnings about unpasteurized, raw milk being illegally distributed by Udder Milk. The milk has been linked to a case of antibiotic-resistant brucellosis.

New Jersey’s Department of Health ordered the company — self-described as a “co-op on wheels” — to
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