More than 100 people were sickened during a Yersinia outbreak linked to pasteurized milk in 2019, according to a study. Raw milk may have cross-contaminated pasteurized milk during the pasteurization process.

Yersinia enterocolitica infections affected a youth summer camp and nearby community in northeastern Pennsylvania in July 2019.

Researchers identified
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Raw milk products from Europe and Norway were less compliant than pasteurized items, according to a microbiological monitoring program in Norway.

The Norwegian Food Safety Authority (Mattilsynet) reported the microbiological quality was generally good for the items examined. However, results indicate there are “challenges” with pathogens in raw milk products
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One in five cheeses sampled in Germany were found to be positive for Brucella, according to a study.

Brucella was detected in 41 of 200 samples from endemic countries sold at weekly markets, in supermarkets, and by delis in Berlin, as well as 15 prepacked cheese samples bought online via
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Massachusetts Gov. Charles D. Baker has vetoed permissive raw milk language in a bill to help coastal areas pay for recent storm damage and instead proposed lawmakers consider stronger regulation of milk that does not undergo pasteurization.

“Consumption of unpasteurized milk can result in foodborne illness and possible death due
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