Journal of Consumer Protection and Food Safety

A study has added to evidence of the risk posed by contaminated raw pet food to human health.

Researchers investigated whether dog food, including raw meat-based diets (RMBD), available in Portugal can be a source of Salmonella or other Enterobacteriaceae strains resistant to last-line antibiotics such as colistin.

Since 2020, there have been more

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Researchers in Germany have provided an initial evaluation into the microbial quality of plant-based “meat.”

The microbiological status of 10 raw plant-based ground meat products was assessed. Items produced by different companies made from soy, pea, oats, or wheat were obtained in 2021 from Kiel, northern Germany stores.

Total bacterial

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Irish people generally have good knowledge of the main aspects to prevent Salmonella infection, according to recently published study results.

Researchers evaluated consumers’ food safety knowledge by looking at their practices and attitudes regarding raw meat handling, cross-contamination while handling different types of food products, and knowledge of Salmonella risk and associated

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