Federal Institute for Risk Assessment (BfR)

A German survey has looked at what food issues the population is concerned about.

Half of the respondents think that food bought in Germany is safe and 44 percent think that food safety will continue to increase, said Andreas Hensel, BfR president. Only 12 percent said food was not safe
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Eating meat fondues and raclette grill meals contributes to the annual seasonal peak of Campylobacter cases in Germany, according to a study.

During such meals, raw meat is typically handled directly at the table and touched with bare hands and often includes chicken meat, which can be contaminated with Campylobacter.
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German experts have presented results so far from increased surveillance of Campylobacter infections.

In Germany, around 60,000 cases are reported every year. Mainly contaminated food of animal origin are identified or suspected as sources of infection.

Intensified molecular surveillance of Campylobacter from human infections at the National Reference Center (NRZ)
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