Daniella brand mangoes

This past summer’s Salmonella outbreak linked to mangoes and subsequent investigation  have ended, but not before the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) declared the fruit to be “high risk,” promising increased inspections at U.S. ports of entry. FDA has not shared the new high-risk status of mangoes with American
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Health investigators collaborating with the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention managed to link two separate Salmonella outbreaks to Mexican-grown mangoes through the oldest trick in an epidemiologist’s field book: patient interviews. Since August, the CDC worked with state and local health officials to investigate a number of Salmonella
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Just 30 days ago, the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) was depicted as the tip of the spear in the “fast-moving “outbreak investigation of a Salmonella Braenderup outbreak associated with Mexican mangoes. Within 24 hours, one distributor of Mexican mangoes — Splendid Products of California — did initiate a
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The U.S. Food and Drug Administration today issued a roundup of all recalled mangoes from the Mexican company whose fruits have been linked to a nationwide Salmonella outbreak. Many have been listed individually in prior recalls, but this announcement lists the four U.S. distributors who imported the recalled mangoes and
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Phyllis Entis is the author of “Food Safety: Old Habits, New Perspectives” and “Food Microbiology–The Laboratory”. She has been a food safety microbiologist for 35 years, and has worked both in government and industry. She believes that everyone–government regulators, farmers and ranchers, food processors, food service workers, educators and consumers–has
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The sloppy, slow-moving and disjointed withdrawal of one million Mexican mangoes from U.S. and Canadian produce shelves continued over Labor Day Weekend. Downstream distributors and fruit peddlers on the receiving end of the mango supply from Mexico through Splendid Products issued one-by-one recalls for either whole mangoes or the fruit
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More Mexican grown mangoes have been recalled, this time by New Jersey’s F&S Produce Co. Inc., which distributes in the Northeast U.S. The company recalled products containing fresh cut mangoes for possible Salmonella Braenderup contamination. Several brand names, some familiar, are involved. F&S said the recalled products have an expiration
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Irwindale, CA-based Ready Pac Foods Inc. Saturday recalled about 30 package fruit products containing mangoes, distributed through Aug. 30, 2012, for potential Salmonella Braenderup contamination. The package fruit products contain Daniella Brand mangoes previously recalled by Splendid Products, the supplier. The Ready Pac recall is part of an ongoing food
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