More Mexican grown mangoes have been recalled, this time by New Jersey’s F&S Produce Co. Inc., which distributes in the Northeast U.S. The company recalled products containing fresh cut mangoes for possible Salmonella Braenderup contamination. Several brand names, some familiar, are involved. F&S said the recalled products have an expiration date of Aug. 28. The F&S recall is part of an ongoing food safety investigation by both the United States and Canada. There have been more than 100 confirmed illnesses associated with the consumption of Daniella brand mangoes from Mexico. None of the illnesses have yet been connected to F&S products. Five lots of Daniella brand mangoes have been recalled in the U.S. and Canada while officials in the two counties try to pin point the problem. No deaths have yet been connected to the outbreak. F&S said its products with mangoes that fall under the various recalls were distributed to grocery and convenience stores in the Northeast and were processed between Aug. 9 and 19. F&S switched to using mangoes from Brazil for packages with use or sell-by dates on or after Aug. 29. The company has asked retailers to remove the recalled products from store shelves. The FS recalled products by label, all with an expiration date of Aug. 28, unless otherwise noted include: -Delish!: Mango Spears 5 ounce Cantaloupe; Mango, Pineapple Spears 5 ounce; Fruit Burst 10 ounce; Tropical Medley 10 ounce; Mango and Berry Mix 10 ounce; Mango Spears 1 lb. -Garden Highway: Mango Medley 1 lb.; Tropical Mango Spinach Salad 7 ounce. -Garden Pure: Mango Chunks 5 lb.; Mango 9 ounce; Fruit Medley 3 lb.; Seasonal Fruit Bowl 4 lb. -Signature Café: Fruit Basket Medley 30 ounce. -Trader Joe’s: Tropical Fruit Medley 1 lb. -Generic Label, sold at Wal-Mart (expiration date Aug. 25): Mango Spears 1 lb.