Phyllis Entis is the author of “Food Safety: Old Habits, New Perspectives” and “Food Microbiology–The Laboratory”. She has been a food safety microbiologist for 35 years, and has worked both in government and industry. She believes that everyone–government regulators, farmers and ranchers, food processors, food service workers, educators and consumers–has a responsibility to ensure that the food we eat is as safe as we can make it. She is also kind of a Santa Claus for mango consumers. She publishes eFoodAlert, where among other things she tracks the mango recall in a form that is most useful to consumers. Mango consumers have every reason for concern because at least 105 people in 16 states and another 21 in Canada have been infected with Salmonella Braenderup in an outbreak that is associated with the fruit. The government of Mexico claims nothing has been proven yet, but Mexican-grown Daniella brand mangoes being imported to the U.S. by Burlingame, CA-based Splendid Products have been under a recall order for the past six days. This has led to a confusing number of downstream recalls by distributors and fruit peddlers, with a long list of products containing mangoes that have also been recalled during the past few days. One million mangoes have been recalled. Most of these recalls have been reported by Food Safety News, but consumers wanting their mangoes all organized and in one place might well want to check with Phyllis on this list.