Ron DeSantis is back to doing what Governors do as he left the Presidential campaign trail.  And Gov. DeSantis has just made it clear that he looks warmly on two bills in the Florida Legislature that ban the cultivation and sale of lab-grown meat products.

House Bill (HB) 435 and Senate Bill (SB) 586 would suspend any Florida establishment’s restaurant or retail license in the lab-grown meat trade.

“I know the Legislature is doing a bill to protect our meat, DeSantis said in a public statement last week.  “You need meat, OK?  We are going to have meat in Florida. 

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Health officials in Israel have sanctioned the sale of cultivated beef made by Aleph Farms.

Israel’s Ministry of Health has issued regulatory approval for Aleph Cuts in the form of a “No Questions” letter.

The first Aleph Cut to be introduced to diners in Israel — the cultivated Petit Steak — will be made of non-modified, non-immortalized cells of a Black Angus cow and a plant protein matrix from soy and wheat. Aleph Farms did not say when the product would be available.

While “cell-based,” “cultivated,” and “cultured” are preferred terminologies, other terms such as “in vitro,” “artificial,” “fake,” “clean,”

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An assessment of hazards in cell-based meat products has found considerable gaps in knowledge.

There are several areas where data is lacking or information is required to manage the risk or hazard that the products may pose. More work is needed from the cultured meat industry and by regulators to help understand the hazards of individual products, found the assessment published by the Food Standards Agency (FSA).

The purpose of the report was to identify hazards in the cultivated meat production process to help inform the FSA risk assessment process for authorization. It was also important that products do not

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The Food and Drug Administration just cannot say enough about Good Meat Inc., the unit of East Just Inc. that plans to duplicate chicken meat in the laboratory. FDA is not saying much about the cultivated meat plans because the agency says it “has no further questions at this time about the firm’s safety conclusion.”

The FDA has completed its second pre-market consultation for human food made from cultured animal cells.

“We evaluated the information Good Meat Inc. submitted to the agency and have no further questions at this time about the firm’s safety conclusion,” the FDA announced Tuesday. “The

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