The Idaho Senate has approved a bill lifting restrictions on some provisions in the state’s raw milk law.

In a 34-0 vote — one member was absent — the Senate approved revisions that would make legal so-called herd shares. Such arrangements allow farmers to sell a share of a herd

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The Department of Environmental Conservation, a government agency in Alaska responsible for making sure citizens have access to safe food at the grocery store, has put out a proposed regulation change that would allow the sale of unpasteurized, virtually unregulated milk, in Alaskan grocery stores. 

Currently, raw
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Legislators in Oregon are considering whether to allow the state’s Department of Agriculture to increase fees for food safety program fees.

The bill in question, Senate Bill 33, has the backing of Gov. Kate Brown. In addition to the fee increases the bill would declare an emergency in relation to
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A bill waiting in the Rules Committee of the Florida Legislature may end one of the more bizarre powers of local government, the prohibition of vegetable gardens on residential properties.

The potential of Senate Bill (SB) 82 passing grew with the recent ruling by Florida’s 3rd District Court of Appeal,
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Representative Steve King, R-IA, has succeeded in attaching his “Protect Interstate Commerce Act (PICA) of 2018” to the House version of the now 641-page “Farm Bill” and senators are pushing back.

A conservative Republican, King wants to use federal power to stop states from interfering with what he refers to
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The question of whether otherwise illegal acts — like lying on an employment application —  are Constitutionally protected if they prevent enterprising reporters or animal activists from being successful is now framed before a three-judge panel of the 9th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals meeting in Seattle.

uscourthouse_406x250And two more
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