Summer sausage, kielbasa, bologna, bratwurst: The list goes on and on. There are so many varieties of sausage. How long can you store them — and where? Are they fully cooked or not? The following background information will answer these questions and others. Use the chart as a guideline for

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People’s dangerous food safety behaviors related to reducing energy bills and saving money have stayed largely the same as the previous month, according to a survey.

The Food Standards Agency (FSA) Consumer Insights Tracker found 15 percent of participants turned off a fridge and/or freezer containing food in December compared

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Irish people generally have good knowledge of the main aspects to prevent Salmonella infection, according to recently published study results.

Researchers evaluated consumers’ food safety knowledge by looking at their practices and attitudes regarding raw meat handling, cross-contamination while handling different types of food products, and knowledge of Salmonella risk and associated

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Half of consumers surveyed in Scotland have eaten food after its use-by date because of money worries, according to Food Standards Scotland (FSS).

The survey asked more than 1,000 people a series of questions in late September on changes in behaviors related to food since April and the cost of

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It’s the Fourth of July weekend and with that comes the expectation of lots of food, time with friends and family and fireworks. Prep for the heat, review firework safety and read the following food safety tips to keep everyone safe this Independence Day. 

Holiday events are often inter-generational affairs

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