For 890 days while the government prosecuted retired Blue Bell executive Paul Kruse, that European river cruise or summer in Tuscany wasn’t an option. This week, his U.S. Passport was returned to Kruse, marking the culmination of his plea agreement ending the government’s case against him.

It is also the

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In a plea deal, government attorneys agreed to drop felony fraud charges against the retired former chief executive of Blue Bell Creameries LP over a 2015 listeria outbreak that led to three deaths. In exchange, 68- year-old Paul Kruse agreed to plead guilty to a misdemeanor charge over food safety

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The Final Docket Call for the second criminal trial of Paul Kruse, the retired Blue Bell Creameries president, is set for March 31 in Austin’s Western District Court.

Federal Judge Robert Pitman signed an order that requires the 68-year-old Kruse to be present for the proceeding along with his defense

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Government prosecutors wrapped conspiracy and fraud around the head of the former president of Blue Bell ice cream, but a hung jury did not buy it. That Texas jury was 10-to-2 in favor of acquittal.

But how then should be explained the illnesses and deaths associated with the 2015 listeriosis

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Federal Judge Robert Pitman, who presided over the 15-day mistrial of Blue Bell’s former president, has ruled in another case involving the Brenham, TX-based creamery.

From his Western District of Texas federal court bench, Pitman granted the motion for a summary judgment favoring two insurance companies over Blue Bell Creameries

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The United States v Paul Kruse trial in Austin, TX, has adjourned for the weekend. It will continue at 8:30 a.m. Monday, when presumably the jury will resume deliberations.

The jury consists of 12 men and four women, including four alternates. Its task is to decide the guilt or innocence

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With three weeks until jury selection, the first sealed document with several exhibits was docketed in the United States v. Paul Krause. Its contents remain a mystery.

And ahead of the July 22 pre-trial meeting, the prosecution and defense are conducting spirited arguments over whether certain parts of the indictment

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