Animal Agriculture’s security requirements have only grown in recent years. Yet the legal strategy for security has largely come up short because the law put First Amendment rights over the security needs of farms and ranches

This reality has been a drawn-out affair. Back in the day, animal activist organizations

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Let’s just call it over. Animal agriculture has lost another one. And this one looks to be the match.

Iowa’s “agriculture production facility fraud” law was struck down by a federal judge on Jan. 9. Three different federal judges have now struck down “ag-gag” laws in Idaho, Utah and
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The Food Standards Agency (FSA) for the United Kingdom will have to stand on its own after the island nation withdraws from the European Union next year. It means food safety in the UK will be cut off from the EU mothership, better known  as the European Food Safety Authority

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North Carolina’s three-year-old law permitting owners to collect monetary damages from individuals for “exceeding the scope of authorized access to property” was always expected to be the subject of judicial review.
The question has been whether it should get an immediate review on its merits or wait until a property
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An appellate court Thursday restored specific provisions of Idaho’s 2012 Ag-Gag law but said audio, visual recordings of animal agricultural facilities could not be prohibited by the Gem State under the First Amendment to the U.S. Constitution.

It may be a landmark decision for being the first time a federal
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Utah’s law criminalizing “both lying to get into an agricultural operation and filming once inside” violates the First Amendment and has been declared unconstitutional by Federal Judge Robert J. Shelby.

The ruling announced late Friday by the U.S. District Court for Utah resolves the first lawsuit in the nation to
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