The Alliance to Stop Foodborne Illness has announced its list of the Top 40 Food Safety Professionals Under 40, spotlighting young leaders making significant contributions to the field of food safety. Among the honorees is Joe Whitworth, a writer at Food Safety News.

This is the launch of an annual recognition that celebrates rising stars who are transforming the landscape of food safety and leaving an enduring impact on the industry, academia, and regulatory bodies. The honorees represent a diverse range of professionals from various sectors, including industry, regulatory agencies, journalism, independent consulting, and academia, all united by their dedication to enhancing food safety.

Joe Whitworth, based in Manchester, England, has been instrumental in communicating critical issues, empowering individuals, and fostering industry collaboration to improve food safety practices. With a focus on providing context and insights into food safety matters, Whitworth’s work has made a significant impact, especially from a European perspective.

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Expressing his appreciation at being recognized, Whitworth stated, “I am delighted to be featured in the Top 40 Food Safety Professionals Under 40 and that my work to promote food safety in the public domain has been acknowledged. I have always tried to bring context to a wide variety of topics to keep people informed of key issues facing the sector, mainly from a European perspective.”

Whitworth also outlined his commitment to advocating for transparency and timely communication from public health agencies, regulators, industry groups, and national authorities regarding foodborne outbreaks and illnesses. His dedication to sharing crucial information on Food Safety News aims to contribute to making food safer for everyone.

Whitworth extended his congratulations to fellow honorees and expressed gratitude to The Alliance to Stop Foodborne Illness for recognizing the achievements of young professionals dedicated to improving food safety.

The Alliance’s initiative to honor top food safety professionals younger than 40 aligns with its mission to promote safer food practices and reduce the incidence of foodborne illnesses. The organization encourages nominations for the next round of recognitions, which will be announced on LinkedIn in June 2024. When nominating candidates, emphasis is placed on their accomplishments, leadership qualities, and their potential to inspire others and drive positive change within the food safety community.

As the food safety landscape continues to evolve, these young professionals, including Whitworth, are at the forefront of safeguarding public health and ensuring the safety of the global food supply.

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