In an era where multitasking is a necessity, the audio edition of “TOXIC: From Factory to Food Bowl, Pet Food Is a Risky Business” by acclaimed food safety expert Phyllis Entis arrives as an invaluable resource for busy pet owners. This gripping audiobook, now available on Audible, Amazon, and Apple platforms, delves into the hidden corners of the pet food industry, exposing shocking practices that have led to numerous safety scandals.

Phyllis Entis

Drawing upon her extensive experience and research, Phyllis Entis takes listeners on a journey through the pet food industry’s dark history. Entis, also the author of the Amazon international bestseller “TAINTED: From Farm Gate to Dinner Plate, Fifty Years of Food Safety Failures,” focuses her expertise on the pet food sector this time. She unveils some of the most notorious pet food safety scandals of recent times, including pentobarbital in canned dog food, aflatoxin in kibble, and Salmonella in commercial raw pet foods.

“Pathogens and pentobarbital. Flies and filth. Obfuscation and outright lies,” writes Entis in the opening lines of the book. “For almost as long as commercial pet foods have existed, consumers have been forced to tease out the facts from the flummery when choosing what to feed their four-legged companions.” These words set the tone for the book, highlighting the long-standing challenge faced by pet owners in deciphering the truth behind their pets’ nutrition.

“TOXIC” is not just an exposé of the pet food industry; it’s a guide for pet owners seeking to make informed choices for their furry companions. With a passion for food safety that stems from her early career as a food safety microbiologist, Entis provides valuable insights and practical tips to help pet owners navigate the complex landscape of pet food choices.

Entis, who shares her home with an Australian Cobberdog named Rutlands Shalom, understands the importance of ensuring pet nutrition. This personal connection fuels her determination to inform pet owners about the hidden dangers lurking behind seemingly harmless packaging and advertisements.

Former global pathogen product manager George Nagle praised “TOXIC” as a worthy companion to Entis’s previous work. He commended the book for its meticulous insights, accountability, and its ability to empower readers with knowledge.

A section titled “Pentobarbital’s Pervasive Presence” exemplifies the book’s impactful narrative. The book recounts the tragic story of Mark Johnson, whose dogs fell ill and died after consuming tainted dog food, illustrating the urgent need for transparency and awareness in the pet food industry.

“TOXIC” is available in digital format from major ebook retailers and can also be purchased in paperback on Amazon, making it accessible to a wide range of readers and listeners.

Entis’s dedication to food safety and her compelling storytelling ability have once again converged in “TOXIC,” shedding light on the hidden truths of the pet food industry. As more pet owners seek the truth behind their pets’ nutrition, Entis’s audiobook promises to be an indispensable resource for those striving to keep their beloved animals safe and healthy.

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