The California Department of Food and Agriculture (CDFA) is announcing a recall of raw cow milk produced at Raw Farm, LLC of Fresno County, CA.

The quarantine order came following the confirmed detection of the bacteria Campylobacter jejuni in the farm’s packaged raw whole milk sampled and tested by the California Department of Food and Agriculture.  

CDFA found the campylobacter bacteria in a routine sample collected at the Raw Farm, LLC packaging facility

Raw whole cow milk produced and packaged by Raw Farm, LLC of Fresno County is the subject of a statewide recall and quarantine order announced by California State Veterinarian Dr. Annette Jones.

Recalled product:  

  • The order applies to “Raw Farm Whole Raw Milk” distributed in half-gallon (64 oz) and gallon (128 oz) plastic jugs with a code date marked on the container of BEST BY 05/05/2023.

As of the posting of this recall, no illnesses have been reported. 

Consumers are strongly urged to dispose of any product remaining in their refrigerators, and retailers are to pull the product immediately from their shelves.

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