The Canadian Food Inspection Agency has cancelled three Safe Food for Canadian licenses following “a thorough and comprehensive review” related to an E. coli investigation.

The decision was made after the agency (CFIA) identified during a food safety investigation that it had received false or misleading information from certain license holders concerning E. coli lab results.

Effective immediately, Ryding-Regency Meat Packers LTD., Canadian Select Meats Inc. (operating under St. Ann’s Foods Inc.) and The Beef Boutique LTD. (operating under St. Ann’s Foods Inc) are no longer able to slaughter food animals or prepare meat products for export or to be sent from one Canadian province or territory to another.

The CFIA initiated a food safety investigation into the three companies in September this year, as soon as it was determined that some products were potentially contaminated. Prior to the cancellations, the licences for the establishments were all suspended to ensure the safety of the public.

There were numerous food recalls related to E. coli O157: H7 in various beef and veal products associated with this food safety investigation.

CFIA has now concluded the food safety investigation and no additional recalls are expected in respect of this investigation.

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