Another recall involving diced chicken is underway amidst an international listeriosis outbreak. This time it’s chicken salad packaged for Canada’s Longo’s grocery chain.

The country already has seen 12 recall notices for diced chicken products posted by the Canadian Food Inspection Agency. The recalls are related to an outbreak of infections from Listeria monocytogenes that public health officials are investigating. Not all of the recalled products have been lab-confirmed as contaminated, according to information from the CFIA and the Public Health Agency of Canada.

U.S. officials are also investigating an outbreak related to diced chicken. They are working with the Public Health Agency of Canada. In the United States 24 people have been confirmed in the 13-state outbreak, with 22 hospitalized. Two people have died, according to the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. The same strain of Listeria is involved on both sides of the border.

In related events, Georgia-based Tip Top Poultry posted a recall of an undisclosed amount of chicken — and recently expanded it by an undisclosed amount. The chicken was used in a variety of products that were vaguely described in a spreadsheet of entities that received ready-to-eat (RTE) products with the chicken. The U.S. investigators have not reported a specific source for the Listeria.

In Canada, the 13th recall notice posted for diced chicken products involves chicken salad. Consumers should look for the following label information to determine whether they have any of the recalled product in their homes.

“Consumers should not consume and distributors, retailers and food service establishments such as hotels, restaurants, cafeterias, hospitals and nursing homes should not sell or use the recalled product described below,” according to the recall notice.

“Imported diced chicken used in these products has been associated with an outbreak investigation, however, at this time, there have been no confirmed illnesses associated with the products identified in this (single) Food Recall Warning.”

Brand Name Common Name Size UPC Code(s) on Product Additional Info
The Kitchen – Prepared for Longo’s Chicken Caesar Penne Salad 300g 7 76393 55958 5 2019 OC 09
2019 OC 15

For additional information on some of the previous recalls related to the international outbreak, please see the following: