PepsiCo has recalled a brand of peanuts from multiple countries due to higher than permitted levels of aflatoxin.

Duyvis Peanuts zout-Sel 200-gram with dates July 13 and 20, 2019, and lot numbers 0001005431 and 0000998957 are affected.

Product has been sent to and sold in Netherlands, Belgium, Luxembourg, United Kingdom and Republic of Ireland, according to PepsiCo.

PepsiCo BeLux said analyzes have shown that some cans of Duyvis peanuts may contain levels of aflatoxin B1 that exceed the European limit. It added the consumer is not at risk from short term exposure.

European Commission Regulation (EC) No 1881/2006 sets the limit of aflatoxin B1 for peanuts intended for direct human consumption at 2 ug per kg and 8 ug/kg for those subject to sorting, or other physical treatment, before consumption or for use as an ingredient.

Aflatoxin is a mycotoxin and Aflatoxin B1 is the most common in food. Aflatoxins are genotoxic and carcinogenic, according to the European Food Safety Authority.

The Federal Agency for the Safety of the Food Chain in Belgium (AFSCA) said the Dutch Food and Consumer Product Safety Authority (NVWA) sent a notification in the Rapid Alert System for Food and Feed (RASFF) about aflatoxin B1 above the permitted level in two batches of unprocessed peanuts.

In Belgium and Luxembourg the implicated product was sold between Aug. 3 and 21, 2018. For a list of affected stores in Belgium go here. In Luxembourg it was distributed in Delhaize supermarkets.

NVWA also informed PepsiCo as the production site was in the Netherlands. Four wholesalers in the country have recalled batches of the snack products due to the risk.

PepsiCo is advising people not to consume the product and return it to the point of sale.

“We have been working with the UK Food Standards Agency to take steps to withdraw specific batches of two products containing peanuts where levels of aflatoxin B1 may have exceeded the specified limit,” a PepsiCo spokesperson told Food Safety News.

“This was first brought to our attention by the Dutch Food and Consumer Product Safety Authority (NVWA), as the relevant production facility was based in the Netherlands. Remedial action was immediately taken with the raw material supplier and additional controls have been put in place to prevent a repeat occurrence.”

Sligro Food Group in the Netherlands said 2-kg packs with date Jan. 26, 2019, and article number 28309 as well as 60-g packs with date Oct., 27, 2018, and article numbers 447993 and 916620 were impacted. VHC Jongens recalled 20-g packs with date Oct. 27, 2018, and 2-kg with date Jan. 26, 2019.

Lekkerland said 2-kg packs with date Jan. 26, 2019, and article number 508608 and 235-g packs dated Jan. 5, 2019, with article number 637971 are affected. Makro reported 2-kg packs with date Jan. 26, 2019, and article number 3922269 as well as honey roasted peanuts 175-g with date Dec., 29, 2018, and article number 9012497 had been removed from sale.

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