The European Commission has assessed the progress of food safety control systems in several countries aiming to become EU member states.

The reports cover various sectors and developments in Kosovo, Montenegro, Georgia, North Macedonia, and Bosnia Herzegovina in the past year.

An assessment found that Bosnia and Herzegovina made no

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Food safety authorities covering England, Wales and Scotland have opened a comment period on the rates of checks for selected food and feed of non-animal origin from certain countries.

Proposed amendments would apply a temporary change to official controls or special conditions on the entry into Great Britain of the

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The European Commission has relaxed checks on melons from Honduras but added controls for vanilla extract from the United States.

Changes were made as part of updated legislation on the rate of official controls and emergency measures for food of non-animal origin imported into Europe. Rules are modified every six

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Voluntary approaches to tackle certain mycotoxins in dried figs and pistachios in Turkiye don’t seem to be working, according to the European Commission’s health and safety agency.

A remote DG Sante audit, in May and June 2022, included authorities, laboratories, producers, and exporters.

The assessment followed regular Rapid Alert System

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