A handwritten sign on the restaurant says it is closed because of a broken water pipe, but New Haven’s Cilantro Fresh Mexican Grill has been shut down for a salmonella investigation. Both the Connecticut Department of Public Health and the New Haven Health Department are investigating salmonella illnesses involving patrons of the restaurant.

cilantromexicangrill_406x250Located at 1158 Whalley Ave. in New Haven, the Cilantro Fresh Mexican Grill is said to be cooperating with investigators and the closure was voluntary.  They say anyone who ate at the restaurant during June and became ill are being encouraged to call the Department of Public Health on Monday, July 3, at 860-509-7994.

Public health officials especially want to hear from patrons who dined at the Cilantro Fresh Mexican Grill and then got sick with fever, nausea, diarrhea, and/or vomiting. Anyone who became ill after dining at the New Haven restaurant is also warned not to prepare food or drinks for others.

At the same time, patrons who dined at Cilantro during June and did not experience any symptoms do not need to call Public Health or seek any medical evaluation or treatment.

Salmonella is bacteria that commonly causes food poisoning in the United States and the symptoms can last for four to seven days. While most people’s health gradually improves without treatment, the release said the elderly, infants and people with chronic diseases or compromised immune systems are at risk for more serious illness.

Public health officials are not permitting restaurant workers and other food handlers infected with salmonella to return to work until they’ve been cleared.

“Salmonella bacteria spread through contaminated food or water,” officials explained.  “An individual who is sickened with salmonella can contaminate food and water, spreading the bacteria to others.”

As for that sign about the broken pipe, it says: “We are working as quickly as possible to get it fixed.”

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