Advocates plan protests for high noon Thursday at two Chipotle Mexican Grill restaurants in California to raise awareness about what they say are food safety problems at Taylor Farms, which supplies tomatoes to Chipotle, according to the Teamsters. Chipotle Mexican Grill sign “In the wake of numerous food poisoning outbreaks at the fast-casual Mexican food chain, safety advocates and workers say Taylor Farms’ operations in Tracy, CA, poses further risks to the safety of Chipotle customers,” the International Brotherhood of the Teamsters said in a news release. “The salad processing giant has recalled more than 150,000 food items in the last few months and has also been cited for more than 40 health and safety violations,” according to the release. Officials at the union’s headquarters in Washington D.C. were not available for comment Wednesday evening. Neither were officials at Taylor Farms. The hour-long protests set for noon today (March 24) are planned at Chipotle restaurants at 1831 Capitol Ave. in Sacramento and 1440 Hulsey Way in Manteca. The news release includes details on so-called visuals: “Signs, posters and leaflets that read ‘Are You Eating Dirty Tomatoes?’ and ‘Chipotle Turns Our Stomachs’; tomato costumes.” The labor union has been at odds with Taylor Farms regarding working conditions and alleged threats against employees who were reportedly trying to organize. Workers have also reported the company did not evacuate employees during chemical spills. “Taylor Farms workers say they have observed snails, worms and mold on products, and bird feces near food production lines,” according to the Teamsters news release. “They also report that a Chipotle-required food safety test for salmonella was skipped under management time constraints. Thursday’s actions will raise awareness about unsafe working conditions at Taylor Farms, which have led to a number of chemical spills and hundreds of worker injuries. Taylor Farms – which has abused and threatened workers trying to organize and improve working conditions – has been charged with 58 violations of federal labor law.” (To sign up for a free subscription to Food Safety News, click here