A German egg farmer whose contaminated eggs caused a Salmonella outbreak at a hospital in Birmingham, England, has reportedly been arrested in connection with the death of an Austrian man.

Five patients died at Heartlands Hospital in the Bordesley Green area of Birmingham, and the bacteria were traced back to eggs from the Bayern Ei (Bavarian Egg) factory in Germany. The same source of Salmonella was blamed for the death of a 75-year-old man. Eggs-in-carton_MainBayern Ei owner Stefan Pohlmann is in custody, according to a German lawyer. Prosecutor Theo Ziegler said Pohlmann was being held on “suspicion of grievous bodily harm causing death due to harmful substances.” The Salmonella outbreak at Heartlands Hospital in Birmingham between May 25 and June 18, 2014, sickened 32 staff people and patients. A report found that the infection directly caused the death of one patient. The report also stated that the Salmonella played a part in other deaths because inadequately equipped wards, unmonitored food preparation, and poor cleaning helped it spread. An estimated 60,000 contaminated eggs from Bayern Ei were reportedly sent to England last month but were destroyed before they entered the food chain. Earlier this year, a German animal rights group released video it stated was taken at the Bayern Ei facility in May 2015 showing dead and diseased chickens and generally filthy conditions.

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