After making a $30-million investment in a school lunch company, technology entrepreneur Steve Case has told Time magazine that the market can solve the problem that now has Washington, D.C., politically flummoxed. “I’m not running into anybody, on the Republican side or the Democrat side, who’s saying, ‘We believe in unhealthy meals,’” said Case, the co-founder of AOL. “The debate on the House side has been some people saying these new requirements are too difficult for schools to meet. It’s too hard to provide healthy options at affordable prices that kids will love, and so we should relax the standards essentially to give them more time to transition.” Case says the market can solve those problems and that Revolution Foods, the company he just agreed to help finance, “is demonstrating that.” Oakland, CA-based Revolution Foods is in the business of providing “healthful, affordable, fresh” meals to schools in New York, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Connecticut, Colorado and Louisiana. The Inc. 500 company now serves 200,000 students 1 million meals per week at 1,000 schools in those six states. Local school districts seeking exemptions from USDA nutrition standards have created a political divide in Washington. Republicans are siding with the locals, who want extra time to comply, but Democrats are insisting on total compliance because the standards are the legacy of First Lady Michelle Obama. Case says the school lunch program represents a $16-billion industry for the private sector.