Liquid food for premature newborns that was distributed in the United Kingdom is under an urgent recall after being linked to the death of one child and blood poisoning in 14 others, according to The Guardian. The affected formula, administered to newborns in hospitals, was delivered to 22 healthcare facilities. The 15 children suffered from septicemia after receiving drips of the liquid food, produced by London-based ITH Pharma Limited. The formula is believed to be contaminated with Bacillus cereus, a bacteria known to cause illness from consuming food that has been improperly cooked or has sat at room temperature for several hours. All 22 hospitals that received the food have been notified of the problem, and none are believed to be carrying it any longer. The company is reportedly working with health authorities and believes it detected the problem that caused the contamination, calling it “an extremely unusual instance.”

  • overseaschinese

    If this happened in China, the factory would be shutdown, and senior management and owner(s) would be put to jail and everything confiscated.

    Would be interesting to see how UK tackle this issue.

  • Barb3000

    You wonder if some of the ingredients came from China since a lot of our drugs come that country because its cheaper, but it also put the consumer at risk too, look what happened with the baby formula a few years ago.

    • overseaschinese

      Most food you eat these days originate from China. You can’t avoid it, only because manufacturers and large corps are always chasing for the cheapest…