The cause of a problem with Chobani Greek-style yogurt cups first reported over Labor Day weekend appears to be a type of mold “commonly found in the dairy environment,” according to a spokeswoman for the yogurt company. The affected products bear the code “16-012” on their foil covers and have expiration dates between Sept. 11, 2013, and Oct. 7, 2013. According to Chobani, the product in question comprises less than five percent of the company’s production and is limited to cups produced at their Idaho facility, which accounts for one-third of the company’s production capacity. The company has been working diligently with retailers to remove and replace the “vast majority” of affected cups, the spokeswoman said. For more than a week, Chobani customers have complained of bloated cups and foul-smelling or off-tasting yogurt, which Chobani blamed on “isolated quality concerns.” The company has not issued a formal recall but is instead referring to their procedures as a market withdrawal over quality concerns.