Liquor control and law enforcement in the state of New Jersey seized inventory and demanded records from 29 bars and restaurants that allegedly substituted cheap brands of liquor for premium brands, according to the Courier-Post. The investigation, known as “Operation Swill,” resulted from public complaints, confidential sources, and samples taken from investigators. The operation involved more than 100 state officials. Last week, investigators procured more than 1,000 open bottles of liquor for testing. Thirteen of the restaurants suspected of swapping liquor are TGI Fridays establishments. A representative for the restaurant chain told the Courier-Post the company was looking into the matter. One bar allegedly passed off rubbing alcohol and caramel coloring as scotch, while another refilled premium liquor bottles with water, according to the Associated Press. Undercover investigators visited 63 establishments ordering drinks neat, meaning without mixers or ice. Out of the 150 samples collected, 30 were fraudulent. Establishments with enough violations may have their liquor license revoked and face further repercussions.