After a 40-year absence, enemies lists are making a comeback in Washington D.C. The ordinarily mild-mannered Center for Food Safety (CFS) Tuesday put out a list of what it called “food industry front groups” that it charged with being guilty of deceptive practices. “Front groups like these have long served as an industry tool to delude and deceive the public, and to avoid much-needed government regulation,” said CFS Executive Director Andrew Kimbrell. He said the list demonstrates “largely hidden industry influence.” The report that goes with the list says tactics practiced by the “front groups” commonly involve phony grassroots efforts, name calling, buying science and scaremongering. It blames such front group tactics for the loss in California last fall of Proposition 37 to require labeling genetically modified food. The groups CFS doesn’t like much include established and newly formed organizations and apparently any scientific institute associated with a food manufacturer. There’s been no reaction yet from any of those who made the list.  Thier names by the category assigned by CFS follow: Long-Standing Alliance for Food and Farming American Council for Science and Health Animal Agriculture Alliance Center for Consumer Freedom International Food Council Foundation Recently Formed Alliance to Feed the Future America’s Farmers Center for Food Integrity Global Harvest Protect the Harvest U.S. Alliance for Farmers and Ranchers Scientific Institutes of Food Manufacturers Bell Institute of Health and Nutrition Beverage Institute for Health and Wellness Conagra Food Science Institute Gatorade Sports Science Institute Nestle Nutrition Institute End-note Publishing lists of one’s enemies fell out favor 40 years ago after President Nixon, a devotee of the practice, resigned from office. It resurfaced only recently when the IRS admitted it began harassing U.S. conservative groups in 2011.

  • Thank you for the list!! Will be sure to share.

  • Can FSN be consistent and label articles like these, “Opinion”? No one is asking Dan to be an impartial journalist, but this doesn’t even come close to veiling his opinion of this story. This is hardly an unusual occurrence on FSN, nowadays.

    Oh, and I might point out that Center for Consumer Freedom is at least one example of an industry front group that has maintained an “enemies” list for a long time. Their website is pure corporate attack dog, and Dan writes as if Center for Food Safety is firing the opening shot.

    It’s getting harder to click on FSN these days. I almost have to hold my breath in anticipation of being confronted with one-sided opinion pieces. That’s a shame, because this site has been a favorite of mine for its measured perspectives and middle-of-the-road reporting.

  • Alliance for Food and Farming

    Anyone who wants to learn more about the Alliance for Food and Farming can see our entire tax return posted on our website at This will show that we are who we say we are, a group that represents organic and conventional farmers of fruits and veggies. We’re also confused about how providing access to government reports and data and peer-reviewed papers has somehow become a bad thing? Readers can see firsthand what the Alliance does by visiting

    Read, learn, choose but eat more organic and conventional fruits and veggies for better health.

    • farmber

      No matter how they spin it it’s Agribusiness at work, pure and simple — with a mission to “prove” that toxic pesticides, GMOs and other standard industrialized ag practices are good for you….

  • Unfortunately, many consumers are swayed by these groups and vote against their own best interests based on the junk science and outright lies pushed by front groups. Anyone who thinks that astroturf groups are doing anything but supporting corporations is a fool.