The U.S. Food and Drug Administration this week launched an updated Q&A section to included detailed areas on the two recently introduced food safety rules – on preventive controls and produce safety.

The Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) section offers stakeholders detail on questions ranging from “Why is this law needed?” to “Will there be a fee associated with FDA inspections?”

This general Food Safety Modernization Act Q&A page gets into several areas that will be of interest to the food producers large and small – looking at fees, inspections, compliance, and recalls, among other things.

According to the FAQ section, FDA still has some details to sort out. For example, the agency has not hashed out what constitutes a “high-risk” food yet.

With the latest update to the page, FDA offers two new much more detailed attempts at answering stakeholder questions for what has been laid out in the two proposed rules. In a 43-page document the agency has presented Frequently asked Questions and Answers on the preventive controls rule. In a 15-page document, the agency answers detailed questions on the produce safety rule.