Republicans kept their platform secret until it was adopted by the 2012 party convention in Tampa. It was not until after it was released that we learned it contained nothing about food safety. This week, Democrats released their platform as the party convention began Charlotte. This one also does not contain any plans regarding food safety. The 56-page 2012 Democratic Party Platform is titled “Moving America Forward,” and it is a document flowing with accomplishment claims for President Obama. Not among them, however, is the bipartisan passage of the Food Safety Modernization Act by the 110th Congress. Some say the Democrats aren’t mentioning food safety because the Obama administration has not implemented the main tenets of FSMA. Some are even saying FSMA never will be implemented, while others have taken the Administration to court to get it going. Facts like that make party platforms go silent. Around the edges of the Democratic Platform there are some statements that one might infer apply to food safety. For example, there is a section entitled “21st Century Government: Transparent and Accountable.” It says President Obama and the Democrats “are committed to rethinking, reforming, and remaking our government so that it can meet the challenges of our time.” It also says: “Rules should be simpler and more flexible, and regulations should be based on sound science and secure Americans’ freedom of choice.” In addition, regulatory systems should promote economic growth, innovation and job creation, while also protecting public health and welfare,” it notes. The Democratic platform says that “efficient and effective regulations enforce common sense safeguards,” imposed for more than a century in the U.S., are the reason why “our food is safe to eat, our water is safe to drink…” The platform even gives a clue as to why Obama is sitting on the regulations to implement the FSMA. The platform makes the claim that the President has saved $10 billion by reducing regulations. “That’s why he has approved fewer regulations in the first three years of his presidency than his Republican predecessor did in his,” say the Democrats. Leaner, smarter, and more consumer-friendly government is called for in the Charlotte platform. It also restates President Obama’s call for the power to reorganize the federal government as another way saving billions. When originally announced, the platform stated that Obama wanted the power to reorganize financial agencies of the federal government. A top OMB official said food safety agencies would be next.

  • Jim Webster

    Dan, I’m surprised that you apparently overlook the following statement from page 17 of the Republican platform: “Because food safety is a major concern of the American people, we urge Congress to ensure adequate resources for the [agriculture] department’s responsibilities in that regard.”

  • Jan

    Ha, another of Obama’s hope & change promises left undone. This guy hasn’t accomplished anything worthwhile. Even his grand universal health care promise was a slap in the face. Instead of making health care accessible to everyone he forces everyone to buy some damned expensive insurance from big corporations. He wants another 4 years of sitting around the house sipping home brew. Talk about entitlements, geez. Throw the bum out. He was a safer choice than McCain in ’08 but this time around we can vote for credible qualified leadership with Romney and Ryan. So long Obama and Biden. Don’t let the door thump you clowns in the butt on the way out.

  • Mae Johns

    Right, Jim, Republicans are so concerned about food safety. I guess that’s why the Republicans voted to cut funding to implement FSMA, and want to kill the Microbiological data Program, huh?
    And Jan, voting for Romney and Ryan would return us to the same disastrous policies that almost destroyed the economy in 2008. I hardly think that cutting taxes for 95% of Americans, implementing the first change in food safety laws in 90 years, creating more jobs in 3 years than Bush did in 8 years, insuring 30,000,000 more Americans, updating the School Lunch Program for the first time in 30 years, ending the freefall in household wealth, and getting corporations record high profits is “sitting around the house.” All accomplishments of President Obama. Perhaps you should check some actual facts before you repeat lies.

  • Katy

    Jan, you are right in that the guy is a bum. You are talking about a man that went to a church for 20 years that encouraged hating America. What American man would stand for that? Bowing to the rest of the world as if we are a third world government. Allowing illegals to take, take, take… oh and as long as they haven’t killed anyone…keep them here. Allow a border agent to be murdered with guns intentionally sent to drug cartels and act as if you knew nothing about it. Transparancy… seriously? This is the most corrupt set of individuals running this country and I can only hope, people open their eyes to what is coming. Read about Agenda 21 if you don’t “get it”.

  • Well I do think that they should be included in the major category of their platform if they wanted people to vote. This is a major issue and China is already suffering because they lack focus on this part. Mae Johns is right, if you’re gonna vote for Romney and Ryan it’ll be history repeats itself. I’m not satisfied in Obama’s work but then again I don’t like Romney.