Los Angeles-based juice company Health Choice Island Blends, Inc. is recallingall sizes of its Liquid Gold Carrot Juice because they have the potential to be contaminated with Clostridium botulinum. The juice was distributed in four container sizes – 128 oz., 64 oz., 32 oz. and 16 oz – in California and sold to wholesale produce companies. The product comes in plastic see-through containers in gallon, half-gallon and quart sizes. It bears a white label with the name “Liquid Gold” and a picture of carrots and a glass of carrot juice, and UPC code 7 63213 00130. No illnesses have been linked to the consumption of this product to date. Anyone who purchased the affected product is urged to return it to the place of purchase or discard it. Consumers with questions can call the company at 213-749-7999 Monday through Friday from 6am-3pm EST. Clostridium botulinum causes a severe and sometimes life-threatening neurological illness characterized by weakness, dizziness, double vision and trouble speaking, breathing and swallowing, abdominal distension and constipation. If you think you may have contracted botulism, contact your healthcare provider. In 2006 three patients from Washington County, Georgia, went to a local hospital on September 8 with cranial nerve palsies and progressive, descending, flaccid paralysis resulting in respiratory failure. The patients had shared meals on September 7. When the doctors suspected botulism, botulinum antitoxin was administered. The patients had no further progression of their neurologic symptoms, but the patients remained hospitalized and on ventilators. Specimens from the patients and from leftover Bolthouse Farms Carrot Juice subsequently yielded botulinum toxin, type A. On September 16, a patient in Tampa, Florida, was hospitalized with respiratory failure and descending paralysis. Specimens from the patient and leftover Bolthouse Farm carrot juice again yielded botulinum toxin, type A. The product had been sold in all US states, Mexico, Canada, and Hong Kong. Two additional cases were confirmed in Toronto, Canada.