Oklahomans who want a cottage-food law adopted in their state are going the direct democracy route with an on-line petition that has attracted almost 2,000 signers and continues to grow.

A little more than one week ago,  Tina Curtis put up the petition asking for support for getting Oklahoma’s elected officials to come out for a measure that would allow the use of unlicensed, uninspected home kitchens for making baked goods with annual sales of less than $50,000 a year.

Curtis says she loves to bake and currently does so in her home kitchen. But because she cannot sell want she bakes at home, the woman donates what she produces to Oklahoma foster children.

Although Oklahoma’s legislative session lasts until the last Friday in May, lawmakers say the late start means it is doubtful there will be a Sooner State cottage food law this year.

They are, however, advising Curtis to keep collecting petition signatures.

  • Mary Jane Newlon

    I am trying to get ahold of Ms. Curtis. I have written to my Representatives and Senators. I would like to see what else that I could do to get this law passed. I know it is up to 3200 signatures now. Would you please tell me how to get in touch with her. I also know that Ohio and South Carolina have passed the law also.

  • Newlonmaryjane

    Dear M. Curtis:  I have been getting signatures, written to the governor, senators, representatives as well as people in the area I live.  I have not heard anything back from you.  Are you still working on this?  I would really like to know because I know we can do this.  I have prayed, asked God for guidance, making sure it is what He wants me to do.  I will continue on the best I can.  Please let me know if you have received my messages.

    • Oklahomafoodcottagelaw

      I would love to “unite” all of us who want to help pass this legislation. I have started a facebook page called “Oklahoma Food Cottage Law”. I am hoping all of us who want this passed can meet at one website, instead of bouncing around trying to find someone. I know I have went to several websites leaving messages and not hearing back. My name is Bobbie Riddles

  • I am so excited so excited we have 3,300 signatures and are on our way to 4,000  It is so wonderful that we are being helped by people who want to see this bill passed.  Please join us and sign our petition it only takes a minute and would be well worth it.  Go to Oklahoma Cottage Food Law Petitions and look at SignOn.org.  Help our state, and you will be helping yourself to meet some of the best baked goods in the state. 

  • Frankly, I prefer the piece of mind of baked goods being produced only in inspected, commercial kitchens. Also, why would I want to take away this good thing Ms. Curtis does for foster children?