Oklahomans who want a cottage-food law adopted in their state are going the direct democracy route with an on-line petition that has attracted almost 2,000 signers and continues to grow.

A little more than one week ago,  Tina Curtis put up the petition asking for support for getting Oklahoma’s elected officials to come out for a measure that would allow the use of unlicensed, uninspected home kitchens for making baked goods with annual sales of less than $50,000 a year.

Curtis says she loves to bake and currently does so in her home kitchen. But because she cannot sell want she bakes at home, the woman donates what she produces to Oklahoma foster children.

Although Oklahoma’s legislative session lasts until the last Friday in May, lawmakers say the late start means it is doubtful there will be a Sooner State cottage food law this year.

They are, however, advising Curtis to keep collecting petition signatures.