Food safety-related prosecutions continued at a regular pace throughout the fall in Canada.

The Canadian Food Inspection Agency (CFIA) reported successful prosecutions resulting in fines totaling $16,000. Penalties imposed in courts in Manitoba and Quebec were for federal violations of laws enforced by CFIA, including the Health of Animals Act, and the Canada Agricultural Products Act, which governs the country’s import, export, and interprovincial trade.

Doug Morningstar pled guilty to one count of violating Health of Animals regulations that prohibit loading an animal onto any vehicle that will cause suffering while it is being transported.

CFIA charged Morningstar had loaded an animal with a fractured leg. He paid a $1,500 fine in Manitoba Provincial Court.

Groupe Ethier Inc., companies located in Mirabel, pled guilty to two counts of violating the Agricultural Products Act and were ordered to pay a fine of $8,000. CFIA said one count was for the company shipping potatoes from New Brunswick to Quebec without required authorization.

The second count was charged because Groupe Ethier claimed the potatoes being shipped were Canada Grade 1 when they were actually Grade 2.

Mike Maurice was ordered to pay a $5,000 fine for one count of violating the Health of Animals Regulations. CFIA said Maurice shipped hogs in a vehicle that exposed the animals to hot weather.

In Winnipeg, Michael Janke pled guilty to two similar counts of violating the Health of Animals Regulations.  A $1,000 fine was imposed for one of the violations, and $500 for the other.

Janke, according to CFIA, carried piglets in a vehicle that went into a ditch. “While in the ditch, Mr. Janke did not make arrangements to ensure adequate ventilation, then continued to transport injured animals,” CFIA said.