Licensing and inspection of food trucks and concession stands at large stadiums have both been challenges for restaurant inspectors.

So it was probably only a matter of time before these two categories of to-go food vendors would get married.  


It happened last Thursday night when, for the first time in the history of Major League Baseball (MLB), a food truck took up residence inside  a MLB park. The milestone event occurred in Denver as the food truck “Wok in the Park” took up station on the main concourse interior of Coors Field.

The food truck craze and America’s pastime hooked up as the Milwaukee Brewers played the hometown Colorado Rockies. It also marked the first offering of Asian food in Coors Field since the ballpark opened in 1995.

“Wok in the Park” sells noodle bowls and is owned by Aramark, the Rockies’ regular food service vendor.

Food trucks are going through a renaissance in Denver. Long a favorite venue for Denver’s large Hispanic community, food trucks in this new generation offer a wider variety of menus and options.

In its 16th year, Coors Field began increasing its food offerings with the start of the current season.  Its first deck Wazee Market is in the style of an Italian market style with wood stone oven pizza, Italian hot dogs and a gelato station.

Coors is also serving up veggie wraps, build-your-own salads, and fresh fruit. Rocky Mountain oysters, a longtime regional favorite, remain on the menu.

First night with the food truck pitching noodles out its sides was good for the home team, as the Rockies defeated the Brew Crew, 12 to 3.