A California-based company is recalling some of its whey protein products due to a risk that they may be contaminated with Salmonella. This most recent recall comes after two other recalls of whey powder in the past two weeks from companies in Georgia and New Jersey.

wheyfit-featured.jpgNutrition Express, a dietary supplements company, has issued a voluntary recall of all whey protein powders produced by one of its suppliers, a dairy in Minnesota, after the dairy itself requested a recall of the ingredient.

Products containing the whey protein were sold between Dec. 1, 2010 and Feb. 17, 2011. Two health stores in Los Angeles County, CA: Lindberg Nutrition of Torrance and Lindberg Nutrition of Manhattan Beach sold 450 of the bottled products during this time. Both stores immediately posted notices of the recall.

The product was also shipped directly to consumers via Federal Express and the U.S. Post Office. These buyers were mailed letters informing them of the recall.

So far, samples of the whey protein powder have tested negative for Salmonella. An independent laboratory also tested one of each of the finished products containing the powder, and results for all 20 products were negative.

Nonetheless, consumers are urged to return the product in question, and will receive a refund or replacement (the powder has been replaced with one from a different dairy).

The products were produced in white plastic bottles with black lids and colored labels, and came in 4 quantities: 5 oz, 2 lbs, 3 lbs and 5 lbs. Their names and lot numbers are as follows:

– Protein Blend Vanilla: 5 oz. and 5 lb. bottles, Lot #’s 55335, 55336, 55337 and 55890

– MuscleFit Vanilla: 5 lb. bottle, Lot # 55419

– MuscleFit Chocolate: 5 lb. bottle, Lot #’s 55423 and 55424

– MuscleFit Strawberry: 5 lb. bottle, Lot # 55427

– NutraFit Chocolate: 3 lb. bottle, Lot # 55348

– NutrFit Strawberry: 3 lb. bottle, Lot # 55346

– WheyFit Protein Vanilla: 5 lb. bottle, Lot # 55609

– WheyFit Protein Chocolate: 5 lb. bottle, Lot #’s 55407 and 55408

– WheyFit Protein Strawberry: 5lb. bottle, Lot #’s 55397 and 55398

– WheyFit Protein Natural Vanilla: 5 lb. bottle, Lot # 55399

– WheyFit Protein Natural Chocolate 2 lb. and 5 lb. bottles, Lot # 55393

– WheyFit Isolate Vanilla: 2 lb. bottles, Lot # 55349

– WheyFit Isolate Chocolate: 2 lb. and 5 lb. bottles, Lot #’s 55302 and 54911

– WheyFit Isolate Strawberry: 5 lb. bottles, Lot # 55350